Snarf (snärf): A humorous occurrence and/or person, specifically one relating to the world of sport

Weeds Finale

who is this snarf?

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  1. Young $narf Young $narf
    September 30, 2011    

    Katha September 29, 2011 at 7:09 am ·
    Nancy was not shot – the guy who wanted to shoot her was shot before he could shoot Nancy. The man you see in the bushes has a silencer on his gun, so it can’t be HIS gun that we hear in the end. I think the guy we see was shot by the police officer who sent Shane to the police academy and followed him (or even Shane himself sees and shoots the guy). And it might be that the guy was Tim Scottson, the son of Peter Scottson. Looks pretty much like him.

  2. Dweez Dweez
    October 13, 2011    

    wow he was bout to pop her brains all over the sidwalk smh

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