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August 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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She’s Pregnant!

  Jay-Z, Beyoncé – Crazy In Love

…My Condolences



How much irony is in the fact that Vanilla Ice warns Bieber is ‘only a 1 hit wonder’

Gorilla Zoe – What It Is Feat. Rick Ross & Kollosus


Former NAVY Seal Jon T. is laid to rest. At the foot of the casket is his dog Hawkeye. This is just about the most touching photo I’ve ever seen… I had to share it.  



We produce at least 2 articles a day on the yearly count… 730 posts in less than 365 days. I know we don’t make all the articles that lengthy, but we make them all count. TSS

This was incredible live louder non music video:    

DJ Khaled – Money feat. Young Jeezy & Ludacris

DJ Khaled – Money feat. Young Jeezy & Ludacris    

Hat Trick

This photo has nothing to do with an 8-2 win by United’s Wayne Rooney over Arsenal… or does it?

Famous Larry David Overlooked

Espn snarf Bill Simmons thinks he knows Larry David; in his mailbag he blabs, “Do you think Seinfeld, Letterman, David, Bono, Elton John and every other rich comedian or musician have ever thought of pooling their money together and buying YouTube just so they could destroy all the embarrassing clips of them?” in reference to […]

Amare Wiki: 2pac kept him

Stoudemire was born in Lake Wales, Florida. His father, Hazell, died of a heart attack when Stoudemire was 12, and his mother, Carrie, was in and out of prison during that time.[4][5] As a result, he attended six different high schools—among them Mount Zion Christian Academy—before graduating from Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, Florida.[5] He told Isaac Perry in an article for Dime […]

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