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July 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monthly archives for July, 2011

NFL Regular Season Preview

AFC 1. Jets 13-3 2. Colts 11-5 3. Ravens 11-5 4. Steelers 11-5 5. Patriots 10-6 6. Chiefs 9-7 7. Texans 8-8 8. Chargers 8-8 9. Jaguars 7-9 10. Raiders 6-10 11. Bengals 5-11 12. Dolphins 4-12 NFC 1. Eagles (I made this 3 days ago. Looks straight.) 12-4 2. Packers 11-5 3. Giants 10-6 4. Lions 10-6 5. Falcons 10-6 6. Seahawks 9-7 7. Saints 10-6 [...]

2011 Mock Top 22, Fantasy Football Sn...

Eagles Landed

Mariners: Stop it

Seriousy, 17? Perfect game tests?? WTF OBV some are not to blame... (King Felix)

Verlander Snarfs 14th Win

5-4, DET over CWS. Ace

Run it back: The rise and fall of New...

The Underdog New England Patriots… an underdog by 14 to the High Scoring Rams in Super Bowl Victory I. Fast forward past 2 more rings to an undefeated regular season and AFC title, a combined 18-0 record, and a 4th Super Bowl of The Tom Brady Era. 2008 Super Bowl vs. NYG. Heavy 12 point favorite. In the 2007 Regular Season the Patriots [...]

Weeds 5 deep; she’s back!

Heylia James

“The debt crisis is a lot easie...

-Robert Kraft, below, above (Pats Owner) Colts, Patriots: One Love (Jeff Saturday)

Excellent Speech

My Dude This dude logically, passionately, and respectfully broke it all down… he even complimented Boner and said that Americans don’t need to see them fighting… thank you, i don’t. But Boner had to get his, little fucking snarf disrespects the Hell out of Obama’s spending, calling it “blank checks” [...]

POLITICAL WAR: Awesome-O-Bama vs. Pri...

So you could listen to Obama: we had a surplus under Clinton; Bush spent it all on 2 wars and terrible tax breaks. Rich people (>250k/yr) used to pay 38%; it’s 34%. Or listen to douche fag John Boner: stop spending money. Hmm, so Republican voters, seriously, you’re going to let this rich chotch tell you, a working middle class [...]

Let the Games Begin: NFL Free Agency ...

Report: Asomugha ‘too expensive’ for Lions Lions?

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