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stop talking

Idiot. That ball went right from DWade off the Bulls. I’m sick of nerdy white boy anyways. 73-73.

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  1. February 4, 2018    

    I hope Steve Kerr gets cancer. The little faggot is protected by NBA media. Look at the fucking cunt and his tweet about Harden – nobody says a bad word about him, instead media runs protection for the piece of fucking shit. Try to find any news item that is critical of Kerr about anything – its impossible. And yeah fucking why? I would say racism – Steve fucking Kerr is the NBAs little golden boy white coach. But why? Do actual NBA fans love this little faggot cunt? No – its just NBA media. It is disgusting. The little cunt puts out that tweet – he doesn’t get fined and the media run protection for him. As if the faggot cunt can’t worm twitter. The lying little motherfucker. What a lying little motherfucker. What fucking scum Steve Kerr is. And is the little poofter looking to get into politics after coaching is he? Going to lead the democrat party is he? The reason the cunt won’t shut up is because he knows that the only reason he is coaching in the NBA is racism. Only reason this little white scumbag is protected by NBA media is racism. Steve Kerr is the NBAs favourite little golden white boy. I hope he gets ass cancer and it takes years for him to die and while he is dying he suffers greatly. I wish it. I am going to wish ass cancer on Steve Kerr next time I blow my birthday candles. I will wish ass cancer on Steve Kerr on first star I see tonight. All I want for Xmas is for Steve Kerr to get ass cancer and die slowly from it. NO! Every does not love Steve Kerr the little fucking scumbag.

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