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March 2011
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Champions League Wednesday

3:45 p.m. today marks a showdown in Madrid, between familiar foes Real Madrid and Olympique Lyonnais.  The two sides drew 1-1 at Stade Gerland in Lyon a few weeks ago, but it’s the aggregate result that really matters.  What does this mean?  Lyon (OL) must score at least one goal in this game, because away goals are the first tiebreaker.  If l’OL are able to win or tie, they will not be eliminated.  A loss, or 0-0 draw means Lyon is sent out of the round of 16, while Real goes through.  A 1-1 tie would send the two sides to overtime, with the eventually winner going through.  Of course, a Lyon win gets them through as well.  This is a rematch of last year’s round of 16, which saw Lyon knocking out Real Madrid.  Allez OL!

In the other, less intriguing match, Kobenhavn (Copenhagen) heads to England to face Chelsea.  Chelsea holds a 2-0 lead, with their 2 goals coming on the road.  Cheslea will likely easily advance.

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  1. Ric_Rock Ric_Rock
    March 16, 2011    

    almost moved soccer off the front page… jp!

  2. Lincey Lohan Lincey Lohan
    March 20, 2011    

    What a good writer! You’re my best friend, Ryan. :) :)

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