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Scale of Sweetness (Athlete Mugshot Edition)

Shall we rank Athlete mugshots from lamest to G’est? Let’s.

1.5 — The Polar opposite of G’ness: Jon Daly

Was he already wearing a prison jumpsuit? Or might it just be his going-to-Hooter’s shirt?


3.3 –It’s alright if you’re afraid (especially Bob Ryan): Jason Kidd

Why so Serious?


4.9 — Mug shots are soo blasé: O.J. Simpson

Been through this before…


5.2 — Is WWF a sport…well if golf is…?: Ric Flair

Goin’ Ric Flair on dem hoes


5.9 — Please let white people still like me (and my endorsements): Kobe Bryant

Trust Me


7.0 — We’re getting G’er: Allen Iverson

Tijuana, will you please leave my house?


8.2 — Never trust the law’s definition of “Resisting Arrest”(e.g. they racist): Popeye Jones

Poor Popeye


9.2 — Extremely G: Carmelo Anthony

Melo even looks a lil like Mouse


10.0 — Words will not work: Money Mayweather



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  1. oldschool oldschool
    March 10, 2011    

    only the money man could survive in the slam………..everyone else is getting their shit pushed.

  2. Snarfs Snarfs
    March 12, 2011    

    hahah jkidd

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