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March 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Coach K: Lots of Time, Now

“They had a heck of a run but, they didn’t leave anything, they didn’t establish anything there,” Krzyzewski said. “The guys that I had established something that Jay Williamscontinued to do 10 years later — the standards of what it meant to be a Duke basketball player.” When I think of Jay Williams, I think motorcycles. […]

Fredette over Walker

According to, Kemba Walker, UCONN Junior, is mock drafting at 18. Jimmer Fredette, 10. Who would the GM draft, Walker or Jimmer… Seriously?

Heat vs Cavs

I might be enjoying the game if  we weren’t  forced to listen to the CLE announcers.

Recapture Nature

Have you forgotten about the Nuge? Fred Bear

Cee Lo Green – FUCK YOU (Official Video)

Damn, no idea this g was saying what he was… FUCK YOU  

United States vs. Barry Lamar Bonds

Nothing continues…

Film Pick of the Week: Bigger, Stronger, Faster (Doc.)

Bigger, Faster, Stronger — originally released in 2008 — is a facinating documentary analyzing the rise, and use of performance enhancers [steriods] within the context of American athletics, and more broadly — American culture. This film does an outstanding job revealing and analyzing the many (obvious, to those who pay attention) contradictions and hypocrisies surrounding morality (especially […]

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: The Big Unit Doing Work

And you thought a Perfect Game was impressive So sorry to PETA and pacifists alike. There are 3 things RJ despises — two of them happen to be animals and symbols of peace. Can you guess the third?       People who aren’t proactive.

Busey Brings Joy

When did you last ride the rookie of the year float? Please, let Gary Busey drive you down memory lane as he wills the Cubs to a Ring.

We Are So Fucking Lucky this Exists

October 6th, 2005 — a day that will live in infamy (or high comedy); forever lodged in the annals of our collective sport memory. I truly hope we haven’t forgotten the Vikings  “Love Boat” scandal already. Wikipedia that shit… baby. And part 2 of the report:   Always save the best for last. TSS Presents: […]

Uh-Oh San Antonio

Ducan and Manu on the shelf… Lakeshow, Thunder, and Mavs turning it on… Diamonds may be getting worried.

Paul Davis- happy 2 be facialized STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE

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